In addition to the in-home services, the Company will have its aides take their patients out so that they are not constantly confined to their homes.

This is especially true for people that are still mobile and active but no longer have the ability to operate a car.


PSS has a unique Vision Statement created for its Clients, Staff and the Company as a whole in recognition of each group's different objectives.

Our Clients will have access to cost-effective, high-quality person centred support and care services.

Our Staff will enjoy a safe, respectful and supportive work environment.

PSS will continue to evolve and enhance its' service delivery.


Gold Standard Care

PSS will ensure high standard of care, evident in the quality of employees we are able to attract and retain, the awards we receive and the accolades of our clients and community partners.

We take pride in the services we deliver and hold ourselves accountable to maintaining service standards that exceed expectations.

Private Home Care

PSS will deliver social, personal and complimentary services in a variety of settings. PSS is poised and ready to celebrate our specialized expertise and promote our boutique brand to clients, partners and community members.

We consider ourselves a boutique company because we provide customizable services to our clients and shy away from a one-size-fits-all approach. PSS will rely primarily on the references and referrals of community healthcare service providers and partners - only modestly promoting our services to the public.

Evolve and Adapt

PSS aims to be one of the top private health and social care service providers in Wiltshire. Having a strong understanding of community health and social care and an awareness of existing services and gaps will allow us to excel in the Health and social care industry.

As retirement populations continue to grow, life expectancy increase and publically provided health and social care services contract, private healthcare services will continue to expand quickly.

Like any expanding field (with little-to-no barriers to entry) there are many new entrants into the private healthcare market that hope to capitalize on this booming industry. To remain a leader in health and social care service provision, PSS will adapt and evolve to remain relevant and competitive in a field that is quickly becoming saturated with emerging start-ups.


  • Personal Care
  • Medication
  • Support into the Community
  • Domiciliary care for Elderly people
  • Domiciliary care for People with Mental health