Purple Support Sevices (PSS) is a private Limited Liability Company that is posed in providing individuals, families, hospitals, corporate institutions, etc. a high standard and professional health care support.

Mrs. Seyram Mantey is the CEO and founder of PSS. PSS was founded in the year 2018. Seyram has many years of experience and vast knowledge of the social care system due to working with learning disability, mental health and elderly service users. PSS workers are well trained to routinnely check up on how their clients are doing.

Purple Support Services is your last stop for care giving services. Purple Support Services is the best provider of care and support for the elderly, young adults and children.


Mrs. Seyram Mantey is an experienced Adult Social Care Giver with many years' of experience. Seyram has worked across the health and social care sectors and undertaken a number of strategic planning based on person-centered and family approach. Her experience spans across Care Act 2014 compliance, collaborating with CQC to work on safeguarding cases, development and service delivery with a strong focus on clinical and care governance, compliance and driving quality and transformation.

Additional to her massive Adult social care experience, Seyram has a degree in Psychology and Sociology and qualifications in leadership, management and mentoring. Mrs. Seyram Mantey has experience in working with people with mental health and learning disability. She has also worked as a safeguarding enquiry officer which she dealt with and also excelled in several variety of other cases. Mrs. Seyram Mantey has a passion to empower the vulnerable in the community and support them for their voice to be heard.

Mrs. Seyram Mantey believes vulnerable people should be recognized as a PERSON before their disability. Mrs. Seyram Mantey is a gem, a blessing and a great asset to the Social care setting.


Gold Standard Care

PSS will ensure high standard of care, evident in the quality of employees we are able to attract

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Private Home Care

PSS will deliver social, personal and complimentary services in a variety of settings. PSS is

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Evolve and Adapt

PSS aims to be one of the top private health and social care service providers in Wiltshire. Having

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providing professional care to nursing and care homes, residential supported living, communities and hospitals

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